Writing Every Day in March: Day 29

Once again: #SubLunarRealm.

I’ve mentioned several times now that I really like the concept of “simultaneously a stereotypical Dark Lord and a stereotypical Teenage Girl” with Tenebella.

Art of Witch-Princess Tenebella.

Also, I think I’ve stumbled a pretty decent basis for a full-length story, though I think I need to better work out what this Special Training Program actually is.

As prestigious as it is, securing a spot in the Guild Authority of Porthaven’s Summer Special Training Program was no great challenge for the daughter of of Rhadamanthus the Grim.

Not least of all because her father promised to visit a thousand maledictions upon any mere bureaucrat who would dare deny Tenebella her rightful place in the Program.

Now, Tenebella finds herself sequestered in the dormitories of the University Porthaven on the eve of an intensive five-week course of tactics, combat, pathfinding, history, the wildlife and plant life of Realmgard — with electives offered in the magical arts, leadership, alchemy, and home economics.

While Tenebella doubts the lowly teachers here are really capable of teaching her anything, Tenebella is looking forward to the experience. If only to prove her clear superiority of talent over the others in the Program and do her father proud.

As Tenebella surveys the dormitory room, looking for the best place to set up her magical hearth to allow her to commune with the gods of the Sublunar Realm, the door opens.

“Hey,” the newcomer says. “I guess I’m your roommate.”

Tenebella studies her new roommate.

“I am Tenebella,” she declares. “Daughter of Rhadamanthus the Grim, heir to the throne of power of the sanctum of Castle Ansangaar, Vice-Commandrix of the Ansangaarian Hordes, Old-Wise of the arts of magic, intermediary of the uncanny gods of the Sublunar Realm, collector of the Ancient and Strange.”

“Uh, yeah,” the other girl murmurs. “I’m Kat. Hi.”

“Yes,” Tenebella declares thoughtfully. “You obviously possess a certain strength of body and I sense a strong resolve in you.”

She nods decisively.

“Very well,” she declares. “You may have the privilege of surviving as my vassal. I shall bestow upon you a place of honour in my horde.”

“Thank you?” Kat says uncertainly.

She reaches into her backpack.

“My Mom made cookies,” she says, taking out a large tin. “She said I should share them with my roommate. Hope you like macadamia.”

“My mother also made cookies,” Tenebella says. “And also said that I should share them with my roommate. I believe they are chocolate chip.”

“Are you sure it’s not raisins?” Kat asks cautiously.

“Bah!” Tenebella declares. “The daughter of Rhadamanthus the Grim shall suffer no raisin to pass her lips and sully her palate!”

“So, that’s a no?

“Yes,” Tenebella answers. “That was a no.”

“I don’t like raisins, either,” Kat says.

“When I ascend to the throne of power of Castle Ansangaar,” Tenebella declares, “I shall wage as long and terrible a war as shall be necessary to strike the accursed withered fruit of the most inauspicious vine from the face of the earth.”

She frowns to herself.

“Grapes shall be allowed to continue to exist,” she adds. “So long as they left undried or else pressed into a beverage.”

She turns back to Kat.

“And you, my first and greatest vassal, shall ride at my side and bring your lady’s justice down upon all the raisins of the earth,” Tenebella concludes.

Kat quizzically cocks her head and stares blankly.


“All that aside,” Tenebella declares. “I call the top bunk!”


I’ve spent most of today thinking it was Thursday, so I was going to remind you that I’ll be posting the first chapter of The Treasure of Oake Island tomorrow.

The cover of "The Treasure of Oake Island."

Of course, that isn’t tomorrow, but it’s probably still worth a reminder. So come back Friday (which is not tomorrow) for that.

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