Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Myra Morningstar

Get to know the next major player in “The Treasure of Oake Island.”

We met Annie Darkstone yesterday, so let’s meet the next major player in The Treasure of Oake Island.

Myra Morningstar

“Hurry up! I’m not paying you to lollygag!”

“Actually, Captain, you’re, uh, you’re not paying us at all. You just told us to get on the boat and then you started kicking us.”

A drawing of Myra Morningstar.
Age: 21
Occupation: Pirate, University of Porthaven alumna
Likes: Realmgard’s piratical history, wolves
Dislikes: casual sexism, naming things, that most of her crew are idiots, that a certain tiny pirate can’t remember her name

Father: Malcolm Morningstar III
Mother: Maisie Morningstar
Grandfather: Malcolm Morningstar, Jr.

Graduated: magna cum laude
Lucky she looks good in: red
Destined nemesis: is ten years old

A recent graduate from the University of Porthaven with an proven aptitude for history, Myra Dawn Morningstar made perhaps an unorthodox career choice, acquiring a ship, hiring a crew, and proclaiming herself captain of the Red Wolf Pirates — she thought up the name herself.

Ultimately, this was inspired by Myra’s interest in history. Specifically, her own family’s history. Myra’s grandfather has entrusted her to carry on her ancestor’s piratical traditions after they were neglected in recent generations and to restore her family’s faded honour and glory on the high seas.

Piracy seems to skip a generation in Myra’s family. While Myra’s great-grandfather and her own parents rejected the piratical tradition, Myra has wholeheartedly devoted herself to carrying on her grandfather’s legacy and building on his achievements.

She is, however, facing certain obstacles in this endeavour. Making her way as a female captain in the man’s world of piracy is proving difficult. Myra has struggled to earn the respect of her peers, and even just to assemble a crew willing to work for a female captain.

The only crew Myra has thus far managed to put together is marked by many, many shortcomings. However, as far as Myra is concerned, any pirate willing to work for a female captain isn’t completely useless and Myra is thus cannot completely give up on her crew.

Myra’s current method to get the rest of the Red Wolves up to snuff revolves around tough love, at an approximate ratio of 99% tough to 1% love.

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