Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Jonas Darkstone

Getting you acquainted with Professor Jonas Darkstone, best uncle and Porthaven’s finest non-badger academic.

Continuing to continue on with introducing the major characters of The Treasure of Oake Island and getting you acquainted with Professor Jonas Darkstone, best uncle and Porthaven’s finest non-badger academic.

Jonas Darkstone

The field of archaeology, as Dunstana understands it, involves digging around in ancient ruins, or lost cities, or haunted mines, or other places that haven’t had people in them for hundreds and hundreds of years.

That makes Uncle Jonas sort of like a pirate, only not at all like a pirate.

Jonas Darkstone with his grappling hook.
Age: 35
Occupation: Professor of Archaeology, University of Porthaven, semi-retired wrestler
Likes: academic rigour, uncovering the mysteries of the past, suplexes
Dislikes: pirates, looters of sites of archaeological significance, pirates looting sites of archaeological significance, the phrase “I like your purse, Uncle Jonas.”
Wife: Peregina (“Peri”)
Daughter: Antiqua (“Annie”)
Brother: Dorian Darkstone
Nieces: Kat and Dunstana Darkstone

Best: uncle
Has: a grappling hook
It’s not a purse, Dunstana, it’s: a satchel

Son of a pirate, brother of a pirate, and probable descendant of a pirate and a mermaid, Jonas Darkstone decided to go his own way in life, breaking with the Darkstone tradition of piracy and pursuing an academic career instead. Jonas also decided to pay his own way, funding his academic pursuits with his victories as a successful wrestler.

While not nearly as truculent as many of his relatives and ancestors, Jonas has inherited the Darkstone aptitude for physical violence, if not the preference for it.

Jonas is the first Darkstone in recorded history to receive a university education.

A recently-tenured Professor of Archaeology at the University of Porthaven, Jonas splits his time between various dig sites, and an office that he suspects began life as a broom closet. At any given time, Jonas is either beset by hungry monsters, or by undergraduate students.

He prefers the company of the former.

As a graduate student, Jonas met and promptly fell in love with Peregrina, an Elven seamstress and the two were married. They became the parents of Antiqua, who quickly proved to share her father’s academic passions even at a very young age. Annie serves as her father’s research assistant and has recently been deemed by her parents to be old enough to begin accompanying him on his archaeological digs.

Jonas’ connections to the other members of the faculty of the University of Porthaven have produced several tangible material benefits. For example, thanks to his acquaintance with the brilliant inventor Sir Francis Crossword Jonas has found himself in possession of a prototype grappling hook, which has proven an invaluable tool both in his archaeological explorations and for impressing his nieces.

Despite Dunstana’s insistence, the satchel in which Jonas keeps many of his tools and supplies is not, in fact, a purse.

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