RealmgART: The First Dunstana of 2023

To go with my most recent Kat, here’s my most recent Dunstana.

To go with my most recent Kat, here’s my most recent Dunstana:

Art of Dunstana Darkstone.

I’m not completely sold on her face — I think the head’s not circular enough (incidentally, the face is probably also the thing I’m least sold on with Kat, too).

However — as was largely the case with Kat — I think I’ve managed to capture the individual elements of her Look the best I have yet.

From the very first time she’s described in Fryte’s Gold, it’s been established that Dunstana’s outfit basically has three components: the jacket, the vest, and the hat. The bandana isn’t necessarily textually explicit, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never drawn her without it.

That’s her (wooden) sword sticking out of her backpack — I couldn’t figure out a place to put it on her belt that didn’t either block or get blocked by the rest of her. And that’s her (cork) gun stuck in her belt.

In the last drawing of her, I ended up drawing her boots too big. I’ve since decided to lean into that. I really like the “kid wearing her Dad’s boots” visual.

Also, I think the hat is one of the hardest things about her draw. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot get a hat that looks like this:

Incidentally, I’ve used this same model
as a stand-in for Myra.
Other than not wearing red, she fits very well, especially considering the limitations of using free stock photos.
Photo by Victoria Rain on

— to work on the page. I haven’t figured out how to represent the shape while still making it clear that it’s a hat.

Incidentally, she ended up looking like she’s tipping her hat. I don’t hate it, but what I was going for was her putting her hat on, as if she were in the middle of getting ready for an adventure.

Still, I think it’s good enough that, like with Kat, I could show this to a competent artist and go “Make this, but good.”

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