Recommendation: Conan the Adventurer

Tv Tropes: Wikipedia: Can be viewed here: Robert E.Howard is one of my literary idols and his Conan stories are one of my absolute favourite Fantasy series (though even among Howard's own characters, I prefer Solomon Kane. Howard's stories don't usually pull any punches when it comes to violence and mature themes, [...]

Recommendation: I Want My Hat Back

Amazon: Penguin: This'll be a pretty a quick post. I Want My Hat Back is great. Go read it. And also read it to your kids. There's a bear. He wants his hat back. He asks the other animals about it. It's a picture book, so it's at a lower reading level than [...]

Not-Not a Recommendation: One Piece

Wikipedia: Anime News Network: So, being as that I write about pirates, I would be remiss not to mention probably the most popular piece of media in recent memory related to pirates (and, incidentally, the most popular manga series of all time). That piece of media being One Piece. That being said, I [...]

Book Recommendation: The Horse and His Boy

Wikipedia: Goodreads: Quick, name a Narnia book that isn't The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Hint: You've got six options. Long story short: there are seven Narnia books, about every other one is good, and you've probably only ever read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And what's why I'd like [...]

Book Recommendation: Percy Jackson et al

Wikipedia: Amazon: Goodreads: I have a Classics MA and I've been reading about mythology for as long I could read, so a book about a modern day Greek demigod going, essentially, to Demigod School is exactly the kind of thing I'd be all over. Part of me wishes I'd heard about Percy [...]

Book Recommendation: The Chronicles of Prydain

Wikipedia: Amazon: Goodreads: The abridged version: Lord of the Rings, but Welsh. The less-abridged version: Really, Prydain's biggest flaw is that Lloyd Alexander had most of the ideas that countless lesser writers decided to ape from. Prydain was first published in the 60s, about ten years after Lord of the Rings was. The Fantasy genre [...]