Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Dwarves

“Strictly speaking, he’s half the blacksmith I’ll ever be. On the other hand, he’s probably twice the blacksmith I’ll ever be.”

Often regarded as mirthless and fond of industry, Realmgard’s Dwarves primarily inhabit the northern and central regions of the continent. Historically, the Dwarves have undergone long periods of conflict with Goblins and tall shelves.

Dwarven craftsmanship is widely admired and sought after by the other peoples of Realmgard, generally held as an automatic assurance of quality. Dwarves are also regarded as among the most prolific miners on the continent, leading to the wide-spread misconception that Dwarves live underground. While it is true that there are several Dwarven settlements built into mountains and hillsides, for the most part, Dwarven cities are not particularly different from the cities of any other of Realmgard’s peoples. Notably, several of the most successful Dwarven settlements are based around forestry and woodworking, rather than mining and metalworking.

The other longstanding, and equally incorrect, misconception about Dwarves is that either there are no Dwarf women, or that Dwarf women have the same long, flowing beards as the men. This arises from a misunderstanding of the traditional scarves worn by Dwarves to keep their faces warm against the cold winters of their traditional homelands, which are often thick enough to resemble beards.

Though Dwarves are not usually known as sailors, the pirate Greybeard is notable as not only of the few major Dwarven pirates, but also as one of the most significant figures in the history of piracy in Realmgard, playing a major role in both the codification of the Lex Antiqua Piratica and the formation of the Brotherhood of the Coasts.

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