Detail of a Second Map: Roger Island

Where all Realmgard’s pirates want to be.

Long considered auspicious by Realmgard’s pirates due to its passing resemblance to the skull and crossbones traditionally used as the emblem of their profession, this pair of islands was given named for the term for piratical flags — from the term “Jolly Roger” came the name Roger Island.

Much like the nearby Southern Keys, Roger Island has been a long-time haven for pirates. So much so, that the island was the site of the original convocation of the Brotherhood of the Coasts and the codification of the earliest form of the Lex Antiqua Piratica, the code of conduct for the piratical trade.

The Brotherhood has been displaced from the island several times throughout history following sieges by the navies of the various political powers of Realmgard in an attempt to quash piracy along the coasts of Realmgard.

However, in recent generations, the Brotherhood has established treaties of cooperation and non-aggression with most of Realmgard’s major maritime powers. The Brotherhood’s territory to Roger Island has been affirmed by most of these powers and, in turn, the Brotherhood has largely desisted in open hostilities.

In fact, the Brotherhood now most often operates under the sanction of their former adversaries to defend shipping routes from those renegade pirates who operate outside the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood and continue to harass the shipping routes.

The central governance of the Brotherhood of the Coasts is still based on Roger Island, though the Brotherhood’s annual general meeting is held at a different coastal city every year.

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