Detail of a RealmgART: Column of Parthene

The Amazons’ main goddess. Basically Athena and Artemis rolled into one. Except she’s an Elf…

As previously established, Parthene is the main Amazon goddess, and this is how her sanctuary is represented on the depiction of the Amazon Decapolis.

The name Parthene is derived from Parthenos — a word you’ll probably recognise as the namesake of probably the most famous ancient temple in the world, the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens.

Parthenos means “virgin”, basically the equivalent of the English “maiden.” It’s one of the titles of Athena, one of the three most significant virgin goddesses of the Greek pantheon along with Artemis and Hestia. “Parthene” seemed like a good name for a goddess who’s basically equal parts Athena and Artemis.

Except she’s an Elf…

She’s dressed in armour to represent her military, Athena-esque attributes and to represent her as the ideal Amazon. Amazons strive to be warriors, so, naturally, their goddess is going to be the best warrior.

The wreath is a traditional symbol of victory (which I’ve explained before) and the general appearance of the statue of Parthene on top of the column is modelled after any number of real-life victory columns depicting a goddess of Victory (there’s a lot; take your pick).

The column itself is supposed to be a Corinthian column — though given that there’s no Corinth in Realmgard, it’d probably be called something else.

Compared to the other two ancient orders of columns, Doric and Ionic, Corinthian columns are the most elaborate. And, honestly, trying to do a Corinthian column was a bad choice.

Those leaves were a real pain to draw.

They’re supposed to be acanthus leaves, but they didn’t really end up looking like either real acanthus leaves or the leaf sculptures that real Corinthian columns have. On the other hand, I like how the fluting on the column turned out. So least part of the column turned out well.

Funny story, by the way. I gave myself a brief moment of panic after I initially posted the image, because I couldn’t remember whether or not I had drawn Parthene with Elf ears.

Basically, it’s the Greatest Living Author’s (and Most Adequate Living Visual Artist) equivalent of going “Oh no! Did I leave the stove on?”.

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