WIP: Princesses Not to Scale

Left: Princess Moonflower, Hero-Princess. Right: Princess Moonflower, popular doll.

Left: Princess Moonflower — Hero-Princess, Right: Princess Moonflower — popular doll.

Since the currently available chapters of Fryte’s Gold (viewable, by the way, here and here) have established that the telos of Dunstana Darkstone‘s life is to own every Princess Moonflower doll there is, I figured it would be prudent to get around to explaining who Princess Moonflower is.

That is forthcoming, I swear. The short version is that she’s Realmgard’s Sailor Moon, and much like Sailor Moon, has become the object of a relentless merchandising campaign.

As it happens, the idea of making dolls and figurines of famous people for popular consumption is not a recent idea in real life.

Gladiators, for example, were basically ancient Roman rock stars/pro athletes and there are surviving examples of what are essentially gladiator action figures.

So, the idea of a renowned Hero-Princess getting her own line of dolls really isn’t that ridiculous, I swear.

Anyway, Encyclopedia Realmgardica entry about Princess Moonflower probably coming tomorrow.

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