Writing Every Day in October: Day 21

Kat is having a bad day. Amara’s having the time of her life.

Once again, I struggled to come up with a concept for today. I started and gave up on a couple of ideas before settling on “Kat hates dresses (which has been previously established), gets fitted for a dress, hilarity ensues.”

Getting to that point was the hard part, but once I did, fleshing out the scene came pretty easily, I think in large part because I got to work with a lot of the aspects of Amara’s personality that make her my favourite character.

Kat hates everything about this.

She hates dresses. She hates that Amara — with no small assistance from Kat’s mother — has finally managed to force her into a fitting for a new dress. She hates how Amara has spent the whole time smiling smugly at her. She hates how Amara’s maid Isla has been poking and prodding and pricking her. She hates being measured and sized up like a side of beef at the grocery store.

Kat takes a deep, ragged, trembling breath to suppress the urge to start punching and smashing everything before making a mad dash for the window and just running for it.

“Amara,” she says. “I hate you right now.”

Amara waves her hand dismissively. “Oh, Katherine, you’ll be thanking me when all the boys won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Why, you’ll be the belle of the ball.”

“I hate going to balls,” Kat mutters.

“Please hold still, Miss Kat,” Isla says timidly. “I need to get your measurements right.”

Kat rolls her eyes. “Whatever. Just keep your hands where I can see them.”

Kat sighs again, realising she has no one to blame for this but herself.

Amara and Isla had been talking about wanting to get into making dresses, so, being her typical magnanimous selfless, well, self, Kat had offered to get them in touch with her aunt Peri. Aunt Peri has been making dresses for as long as Kat can remember, so Kat figured she’d be able to lend Amara and Isla a hand getting started.

Aunt Peri had taken on Amara and Isla as her semi-official apprentices, supplying them with all the equipment and material they’d need to get started, and instructing them to get as much practice as possible.

Naturally, Amara had decided to practice on Kat.

Amara approaches, and Kat feels like a seal being approached by a Turboshark. “Now, Katherine,” she says. “Let’s talk style. I’m thinking something strapless, to show off those lovely shoulders of yours.”

“No,” Kat says simply.

“Well, at least show off your legs,” Amara counters. “It just makes sense, Katherine. Most of you is legs.”


“Backless, then.”

Absolutely not.

Amara sighs and wearily rubs the bridge of her nose. “Work with us here, Katherine,” she says. “Or you’ll be the belle of the ball in a burlap sack.

Kat groans, realising there’s now way out of this. Kat may be stubborn, but after ten years of friendship, she knows she can’t out-stubborn Amara.

Besides, just because Amara makes her a dress, doesn’t mean she ever actually has to wear it.

“Fine,” she mutters. “Nothing ridiculous or too girly. No lace. No frills. No weird floofy bits.”

“Yes, of course, Amara mutters. “Simple and practical. I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Kat closes her eyes and tries to imagine the one dress in the whole world of Terrace she could actually wear without wanting to scream or to have to earth open up and swallow her.

“Long sleeves. High neck,” she declares. “I want to show off as little as possible.”

“Thank you, Katherine,” Amara says. “Was that really so hard?”


“Don’t be so dramatic, Katherine,” Amara says. She picks up several fabric swatches. “Now, let’s talk colour and pattern.”

She grins broadly as she holds up one of the swatches.

“How about this one? Have you ever seen such an utterly truculent paisley?”

Lest you have forgotten what a Turboshark is, read about it here.

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